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 Birmingham AirRail Link
Opened 07.03.2003

AGT AirRail Link (from 2003)
 Bologna Marconi Express
 Caracas CableTren
Since 14.08.2013
 Detroit Detroit People Mover
 Düsseldorf H-Bahn Sky-Train
Since 07.2002

H-Bahn Sky-Train
 Frankfurt am Main SkyLine — Air port automatic people mover
 Genova Ascensore Castello d'Albertis-Montegalletto
Combinated mover-accensor Principe — Castello d'Albertis-Montegalletto

Ascensore Principe — Castello d'Albertis-Montegalletto
 Kuala Lumpur Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur
 Kyiv Capway
 Laon Poma 2000
Métro légere automatique (4.02.1989-27.08-2016)

Métro légere automatique Poma 2000
 Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Tram
Opened 09.04.1999
Aria Express - CityCenter Tram
Opened 01.12.2009

Mandalay Bay Tram — Miscellaneous photos
Aria Express / CityCenter Tram — Miscellaneous photos
 Lisbon Oeiras — Avtomatic light metro SATU
 London Automatic metro of Gatwick airport
 Madrid Aeropuerto T4 / T4S
 Mexico City Aerotrén
Automated people mover (APM) in Benito Juárez Airport

Aerotrén — Miscellaneous photos
 Miami, FL Metromover
 Milano Poma

People-Mover Cascina Gobba — San Raffaele (Poma-Otis)
 Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit

Miscellaneous photos
PRT: Lines and Infrastructure
 Moscow Sheremetyevo People Mover
Opening 03.05.2018

Sheremetyevo People Mover
 New York City AirTrain JFK
Opened in 2003

 Perugia Minimetrò
Metropolitana leggera automatica

Minimetrò — Miscellaneous photos
 Pisa Mover di Pisa

Miscellaneous photos
 San Francisco AirTrain (SFO Airport)
 Shànghǎi AGT — Bund Tunnel (外滩隧道)
 Singapore Bukit Panjang LRT — Miscellaneous photos
Sengkang LRT — Miscellaneous photos
Punggol LRT — Miscellaneous photos
People-mover of Changi Airport (Skytrain)
 Venezia People Mover di Venezia
Metropolitana leggera automatica

People Mover di Venezia — Miscellaneous photos
 Washington, DC Capitol system
Оperation: March 7, 1909