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Burton-upon-Trent, car # 17

City:Burton-upon-Trent   Great Britain
Operator/Facility:Burton-upon-Trent Corporation Transport
Model:ERTCW 2-axle motor car
Current state: Withdrawn 
Service:Passenger car
Trucks: Brill 21E

15 cars from 1-20 were fitted with top deck covers in 1904-1915, supplied by Milnes Voss (3), UEC (10, with Nos. 6-8 having UEC top covers in 1915) and an unknown source (2).
All cars were eventually vestibuled before withdrawal.
Eight cars (from 1-24) were hired from Great Yarmouth Corporation in 1918, but were never operated. They were returned in 1918 (4) and 1919 (4).

  1929    Withdrawn

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