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Kingston, NY, car # 1000

  Kingston, NYTrolley Museum of New York10001956
  New York CityBrooklyn & Queens Transit 
City:Kingston, NY   United States
Operator/Facility:Trolley Museum of New York
Model:PCC (Clark)
Current state: Out of service 
Service:Museum car

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City:Kingston, NY   United States
Operator/Facility:Trolley Museum of New York
Service:Museum car

  1956    Transferred to another city

City:New York City   United States
Location:Brooklyn and Queens
Operator/Facility:Brooklyn & Queens Transit
Service:Passenger car

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New York City,  Laconia 4-axle motor car  # 4550 

Coney Island Terminal

Cars number 100 and 4550 under the Coney Island Terminal building.

William J. Rugen Image Collection. Queens Library

Copyright holder unknown

Saturday, May 26, 1951
Posted by AlexSan


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