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Budapest, trolleybus # 439

  BudapestKőbánya trolleybus depot4391963Ikarus 60TCS
2121962Ikarus 60T
Other - Damjanich utca bus depot, Baross tramway depotT2251954

City:Budapest   Hungary
Operator/Facility:Kőbánya trolleybus depot
Model:Ikarus 60TCS
Current state: Withdrawn 
Service:Passenger car


Model:Ikarus 60TCS

  1963    Modernized (model changed)

Model:Ikarus 60T

Operator/Facility:Kőbánya trolleybus depot

  1962    Renumbered or transferred within city

Operator/Facility:Other - Damjanich utca bus depot, Baross tramway depot

  1954    Arrived at the facility

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# Model Operator/Facility Ser. # Built
212 Ikarus 280.94 Kőbánya 112 1987

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