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О себе

Now the time has come when all is said and done
We"re back together on the road it"s time to fly
No more time to wait you know it feels so great
Wearin leather on a horse of steel I ride
I ain"t waiting to get old I"m runnin hot I"m never cold
Kiss my ass if you don"t like me I don"t care
I got my wheels I got my friends we"re on the road again
We"re all crazy gonna ride until we die

Time to burn you losers better learn
No one controls our goddamn lifes
We"ll do just what we feel riding horses made of steel
We"re here to burn up the night!


Водитель трамвая 1 класса ОСП "Трамвайный парк №5" СПБ ГУП "Горэлектротранс"

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