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01.07.2019 V 0.04 odjela z konečné Bory poslední tramvaj. Smyčka Bory je zrušena po 82 letech provozu v důsledku stavby nové tramvajové trati k Západočeské univerzitě. Konečná bude nahrazena novým terminálem cca 500 metrů západním směrem.
At 0.04 the last tram left Bory. Turntable Bory is closed after 82 years of operation due to the construction of a new tram line at the University of West Bohemia. The old terminal will be replaced by a new terminal about 500 meters west.
15.06.2019 On Saturday, June 15, 2019, as part of the 120th anniversary of public transport, there will be an open day in both depot, trolleybuses on Karlov and tram on Slovany. There will also be historical car rides: the Škoda 8Tr Trolleybus from Pardubice and the Ringhoffer tram from Prague. On Sunday 16.6. vehicles from a rich collection of Pilsen historical cars will also be in operation.
17.05.2019 First of nine new EVO2 trams was brought to the Slovany tram depot.
22.03.2019 Seven new Škoda 27Tr type trolleybuses in the fourth generation Solaris body were put into operation.
16.07.2018 A new historic car "Ringhoffer" was brought from Prague.
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