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22.12.2007 Opätovné otvorenie lanovky po rekonštrukcii novými vozidlami vyrobenými švajčiarskou spoločnosťou Gangloff • Reopening of the funicular after reconstruction with new vehicles made by Swiss company Gangloff.
19.11.2004 Zničenie veľkej časti infraštruktúry TEŽ silným Okanom • Destruction of a large part of the infrastructure of TEŽ by a strong Okan.
12.02.1970 Otvorenie nového ozubnicovej železnice medzi Štrbou a Štrbským plesom počas Majstrovstiev sveta v klasickom lyžovaní v roku 1970 • Opening of the new cog-wheel railway between Štrba and Štrbske Pleso due to the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1970.
14.09.1932 Uzavretie starej ozubnicovej drahy • Closure of the old cog-wheel railway.
13.08.1912 Začiatok prevádzky na celej sieti Tatranských elektrických železníc • Start of operation on the whole network of Tatra electric railways.
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» Timetables TEŽ/OŽ • Cestovné poriadky TEŽ/OŽ
» Timetables of the funicular • Cestovné poriadky lanovej dráhy
» Tramway — 425.963-6, 425.964-4, EMU 89.0009.
» Funicular — 1, 2.

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» Lines and Infrastructure TEŽ/OŽ • Trate a infraštruktúra TEŽ/OŽ
» Tramway — 12, 22, 405.952-3, 405.953-1, 425.951-1, 425.953-7, 425.954-5, 425.955-2, 425.958-6, 905.953-6, EMU 89.0009.

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Vysoké Tatry is the name of a famous mountain range in the North of Slovakia near the border to Poland. The highest mountain is the Gerlachovský štít with 2.655 metres. Vysoké Tatry is also the name of a city wich consists of many former villages located in the mountain area. The population oft he city is today about 4000 people. Vysoké Tatry is known as a tourism centre for winter and summer sports.

A bit South of the mountains is the city of Poprad which has 51.000 inhabitants today. The city is connected tot he Slovakian railway network at the main track between Žilina and Košice. There are different kinds of electric public transport in the region of Poprad and Vysoké Tatry.

The main system is the Tatra electric railway which operates on a gauge of 1000 millimetres and is served by the Slovakian railway company ZSSK.The network consists of two tracks wich have the following timetable numbers:

183: Poprad-Tatry — Starý Smokovec — Štrbské Pleso
184: Starý Smokovec — Tatranská Lomnica

The whole network has a length of 35 kilometres and was finally opened in 1912. The operation is now served by 15 low-floor electric cars of type Stadler GTW 2/6.

Another electric transport system is the cog-wheel railway between Štrba and Štrbske Pleso. It connects the railway station in Štrba with the terminus of the electric Tatra railway at Štrbske Pleso. An old cog-wheel railway was already built in 1896 but closed in 1932. The idea of a new one on the old track was realized then in 1970 when the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships were organized at Štrbske Pleso. The Swiss made vehicles from 1970 operate until today the track is also served by the Slovakian railway company ZSSK and has the following designation:

182: Štrba — Štrbske Pleso

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