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07.10.2018 The 514 Cherry route was replaced by two overlapping branches of the 504 King route.

— Streetcar service along Roncesvalles Avenue and Cherry St. will be operated by the 504A (Dundas West Stn – Distillery).
— Streetcar service along Broadview Avenue and Dufferin St. will be operated by the 504B (Broadview Stn – Dufferin Gate)

The 304 King overnight service remains unchanged and will operate between Dundas West and Broadview stations via King St.
18.02.2018 Due to a shortage of streetcars, the routes 505 Dundas and 506 Carlton are temporarily replaced by buses.
19.06.2016 The 514 Cherry tram route is launched, utilizing the previously unused Dufferin Gate Loop and the new 400-meter long section of track on Cherry St.
15.03.2013 A brand-new Bombardier Toronto Flexity Outlook streetcar is being tested in Toronto.
16.07.1993 Trolleybus operation in Toronto is discontinued.
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