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Будапешт, вагон метро № 365

  БудапештKőér utca metro depot36505.201313.09.2017
Fehér út metro depot09.2000 
Город:Будапешт   Венгрия
Депо/Парк:Kőér utca metro depot
Текущее состояние: Списан 
13.09.2017 transport to Metrowagonmash and changed to another car of same number

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25 сентября 2017 г., понедельник
Автор: andzis

  13.09.2017    Списан

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Nr. 365-3125-3126-3127-3128-366 type 81-717.2M/81-714.2M train on test track of M3.

This picture is more interesting, that this type formerly was a five-car trains in the M2 line (363-3123-3124-3125-364 and 365-3126-3127-3128-366), then transferred to the M3 metro line depot Kőér utca, where he was stopped a half years. His fate was uncertain for a long time, for operating the M3 line AVR equipment no reserve, therefore there is nothing installed in it. The other thing is, that this vehicle (the M3 line workers) in terms of a new type of matter transport authority, therefore before operating, drivers should be teaching. And because the M3 line six-car trains plying, and reserve intermediate car was not for this model, therefore been classified into one of the other assembly intermediate car (3125), if necessary operating, severely two driver mode. Unfortunately, this trial run I could not be there, therefore in the passenger metro made the recording.

26 января 2014 г., воскресенье
Автор: LoviGabi


Депо/Парк:Kőér utca metro depot

  05.2013    Перенумерован/передан в пределах города

Депо/Парк:Fehér út metro depot

  09.2000    Поступил на предприятие

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365 81-717.2К Kőér utca 09.2017 С 10.2017 — 630

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