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Кордова,  БКМ 33300А  № 63

Buenos Aires, Puerte

Picture taken by: Rolando Maggi. Trolleybus arrived in July 29, 2010. It must be working in Cordoba in August 23.

12 августа 2010 г., четверг
Прислал trolleybus_chili

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Patio Rosario Parada (Rosario Parada railway marshalling yard)

A pair of bodyshells (25A + 25B) built by Materfer in Cordoba, on route to Buenos Aires (Fábrica Militar General San Martin) to complete electrical equipment and bogies to operate in Buenos Aires subway system. There were mounted on broad gauge (1.676 mm.) bogies and conveyed by freight train.

6 декабря 1987 г., воскресенье
Автор: EMMTR 277

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